• Why does the size of a PDF or other file (anonymous) appear when loading?
    The size of the upload file may appear unknown because we use CDN servers to upload files. This does not mean that the file is corrupt or invalid but is loading and not in problem. For example, if you were from Egypt, the file will be downloaded from Turkey, for example, or Italy, instead of downloading from Canada or the United States to save time, download speed and speed of response.
  • Why put ads on our site?
    Our site is a service for students of science in all disciplines, but there are some expenses for servers, for example, design, programming, etc., we hope to be compensated by what the ads achieve.
  • What about property rights?
    It is assumed that our site does not contain any files that violate the rights of ownership, while acknowledging the difficulty of indexing and controlling all uploaded files and therefore we take no responsibility for it. To report a copyright infringement book that has been submitted or sent to us by visitors please contact us.
    Our. We hope that this will be achieved through this policy.

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